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Warum vertauscht ein Spiegel links und rechts (aber nicht oben und unten)?? 3 Antworten!
GeoNext: tolle freie Software zur dynamischen Geometrie!
Mathe Online (mit Applet zur Normalverteilung)
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RSA demo: Principles of a public-key encryption system presented as easy to follow steps. Encrypt and decrypt your own "message" (one letter)!


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River-Crossing - Überquere den Fluss! (~ Schiebepuzzle / sliding puzzle)

Dissection Puzzles

How to dissect, for instance, a square, such that the pieces can be rearranged to a triangle? See here for a hinged wooden construction of this classical puzzle!

How to dissect a triangle, such that the pieces can be rearranged to a hexagon? See here for several ways doing that, including an original new one!

See one of my newest dissections: a partially hinged dissection with rotational symmetry from dodecagon to square!

Inspired by the above dissection (dodecagon to square) I found a general way of dissecting a {3n} to {n}.

Dissection links

My interest in dissection puzzles was raised by a nice set of dissection puzzles ("Four Tricky Two-Way Puzzles") from

Further links:

Conway's Century Puzzle - Play Online!

Solve this tricky block sliding puzzle online!

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